Meet complex demands

Oncology pharmacies demand a complex mix of medications and compounds; a fact that can sometimes lead to confusion and missteps. Looking Glass alleviates your practice of those costly errors with an intuitive inventory management system tailored to your practices necessities.

GS1 Barcode Compliance

Our software comes ‘out of the box’ ready to directly scan manufacturer packaging. Connect one of many Bluetooth enabled imaging devices for instant product recognition, lot number tracking, and expiration dates.

Cloud Sourced Catalog

Your NDC registry will sync with Looking Glass servers automatically. Our proprietary database has the latest FDA, First Databank, and Crowdsourced product information.

Container Hierarchy

Within our configurable container structure, you’ll have free reign to organize your inventory as it best fits your practice. Go as in-depth or stay as top-level as you see fit.  .


Medication Dispersal

Looking Glass equips your oncology pharmacy with the power to efficiently and, more importantly, safely fulfill complex electronic medication orders received from computerized physician order entry (CPOE). A clean, drag-and-drop interface allows pharmacists to prioritize patient orders and distribute them among staffers. 


 No need to file away that record in your already stuffed filing cabinet – Looking Glass records all billing, NDC values, inventory changes, waste, and more automatically..

ISMP-Compliant Labeling

Generate Data Matrix encoded labels in real-time. All of the labels are linked to the NDCs, dosage, lot numbers, and staff associated with that particular medication dispersal

Efficient, Safe Workflow 

The Five Rights of medication administration (right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, and right time) is a rule set that we hold to the highest standard. Our design philosophies and workflow paradigm stem from The Five Rights, allowing us to adhere to the highest standard of patient safety.